What are CDN Services?

CDN service is the storage of an internet site as a copy on servers connected to the CDN network and located in different locations around the world. Thus, if a visitor wants to visit the website, the CDN network responds to the visitor from the server located at the nearest location, allowing the visitor to quickly view the website. You can run your internet sites at high speed and provide a nice experience to all your visitors with CDN. In addition, the CDN service has many features. CDN service can also be preferred for intrusion prevention, data compression, site performance improvement and security issues.

Advantages of CDN Services

High Speed

Your websites are copied to servers in different locations and run at high speed all over the world with the worldwide network provided by CDN services.


Your services are cached on CDN networks, turning them into a system that can respond to 10 times more visitors at the same time than usual.


No matter how big an attack a system with a CDN network receives, it still continues to serve. All incoming attacks are distributed to servers on the CDN network.

IP and Location Blocking

You can select all IP addresses or countries that can access the system on a system with a CDN network. Uninterrupted service is provided by increasing system security with blocking.

Better Response Times

Because the system with the CDN network is cached in many locations, all visitors who want to access the system can access the system with very high response times.


The caching feature in the CDN network allows you to respond to very high traffic with a standard system and save server costs.


Do You Have Questions About CDN Services?

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Features Available in the CDN Service

CDN For Video Streaming

Your broadcasts are distributed globally with a high-performance CDN system specifically designed for video broadcasting. It has shorter video load times and high resolution, regardless of the location of your visitors. An uninterrupted live broadcast is supported with minimal delays in end-to-end requests.

Increased Bandwidth Savings

Caching system content on the CDN network allows you to reduce the number of requests to the server by presenting static content and minimizing bandwidth consumption.

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