What is Business Continuity Management?

You can not predict the next crisis, but you can be prepared for it.

Business continuity management is a systematic approach aimed at ensuring uninterrupted and continuous service of the systems that enterprises have and the services that they provide, regardless of their size. Business continuity management is an ignored issue for businesses when everything is going well. But no business should not ignore such an important process that directly affects the future of the business. It aims to make the most critical systems operational as soon as possible in case of crisis and interruption situations that may occur in your business and to maintain business services with business continuity management.

Business interruptions adversely affect businesses of all sizes, regardless of the terms and conditions. Codit technology aims to prevent possible business interruptions and to ensure that the systems can provide continuous service. Identifies the strategies needed by professional and corporate companies in the field of informatics, takes precautions against disaster and crisis situations. It takes measures against disaster and crisis situations and prepares important management plans such as creating cost templates.

Thanks to Codit's expert team members, it works to help you manage business continuity by minimizing the damages that may occur in extraordinary situations. The main purpose of this system is to ensure the management of business continuity for products and services.

Advantages of Business Continuity Management

Saving Time

It ensures the reactivation of systems and applications as soon as possible and service continuity by implementing predetermined disaster recovery and business continuity steps during the problem.

Customer Confidence

There will always be problems and crises. But your customers are interested in how soon you can get through this process. You can establish customer trust by solving your current crises as soon as possible with business continuity management.

Protects Your Prestige

Your company's prestige will be adversely affected whenever your system or application is out of service. Thanks to business continuity management, your systems are made operational as soon as possible and your company prestige is maintained.

Compliance with Legal Regulations

You can continue your business activities by ensuring compliance with the regulations that your business must be legally complied with the ISO 22301 certificate provided by business continuity management.

Internal Transparency

Thanks to the business continuity management, all possible problems and the steps to solve these problems are determined in advance. And the personnel responsible for the steps that need to be taken in times of crisis are informed.

Prevents Possible Risks

Within the scope of the system, hardware and personnel improvement processes that need to be done in terms of business continuity management, your system is made secure to every inch and the possible risks of your business are prevented.


Do You Have Questions about Business Continuity Management?

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Business Continuity Management Processes

Risk Analysis

  • Assessment of the company's risks and exposed risks
  • Evaluation of the potential impact of various business interruption scenarios
  • Identification of the most likely threat scenarios
  • Evaluation of telecommunication recovery options and communication plans
  • Prioritization of findings and development of a roadmap

Business Impact Analysis

  • Creation of recovery assumptions, including recovery point goals and recovery time goals
  • Review of critical business processes and workflows, as well as supporting production practices
  • Determination of internal and external dependencies
  • Making a list of critical personnel, including reserves, skill sets, primary and secondary contacts
  • Identification of future efforts that may affect recovery
  • Detection of special cases

Development of a Business Continuity Plan

  • Obtaining executive approval for business impact analysis
  • Review of risk assessment findings to create an actionable and comprehensive plan
  • Development of plans at the departmental and site level
  • Review the plan with important stakeholders to finalize and distribute it

Development of All Strategies and Plans

You need to verify that the recovery periods specified in your plan are achievable and meet the goals set out in the business impact analysis. They should be easily accessible to staff, especially during or after a disaster. It is important to combine many points of view from various personnel and entire departments to help determine the overall company feel and organizational focus at the development stage. After the plan has been developed, it must be reviewed by a manager or management team and approved by the general plan.

Testing and Maintenance

  • Conducting two-year plan reviews
  • Conducting annual business impact assessments
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