What is a Data Center

It is the center where both people and businesses can host all server and IT systems for a fee with its redundant electrical infrastructure, high-speed and uninterrupted internet, advanced network hardware and infrastructure that it has in the data center. There are three different levels of data center. They are called TIER I, TIER II and TIER III. Data centers have one of these three levels according to the characteristics they have. The most advanced of these classes is the TIER III level.

Data centers maximize server security by creating special areas for their customers with the cabinet structure they have. In addition, the building has a retina scanning, appointment system, 24/7 camera recording and security that protects customer systems around the clock and helps systems run smoothly.

Advantages of the Codit Data Center Service

Cost Savings

The cost of uninterrupted electricity and high-speed Internet line, network infrastructure devices is quite high. With the data center service, you can have all these features by paying a small amount per month.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Data centers are designed to serve in all kinds of disasters. In this way, you can use your systems with a high availability of 99.9% despite all the negatives.

24/7 Server and Service Monitoring

Network infrastructure and server services are monitored 24/7 in the data center service. Any problems that may occur are identified in advance and resolved as soon as possible.


Multiple Locations

With the wide data center network offered by Codit, you can safely host your servers and services in multiple regions and choose the data center closest to you.

Network Security Solutions

With the DDOS prevention security service owned by the data center service, attacks on your systems will be stopped within 1 minute and your system security will be ensured.


Do You Have Questions About Data Center Services?

Do you have any questions or information you want to get about the data center services offered by Codit Technologies? With the help of the button below, you can start a live chat with one of our customer representatives and get answers to all your questions. If you wish, we can provide you with information by contacting you by phone to determine your needs and offer you a price quote in accordance with these needs.

Unique Features That the Data Center Has

TIER III Level Data Center

With TIER III data centers with the highest level of service contracted by Codit, you can safely and seamlessly host your server infrastructure in all locations and regions. Codit, which has the best data centers and protocols in Turkey, provides affordable and high-quality services for all your hosting and data center needs.

High-Speed Internet Access

With the high-speed internet access available in the data center service, you can run your services at high speeds by choosing the internet infrastructure speed within your needs. You can have very high-speed internet access without interruption with a data center with 5 different fiber infrastructures.

Redundant Electrical Infrastructure

Thanks to the redundant electrical infrastructure located in TIER III data centers, your system is constantly accessible with G3 type generators that can work continuously for 1 year in case of any power outage or malfunction that may occur.

Quality Management Certificates

Data Center Knowledge Management, energy management, customer satisfaction management and IT service management quality management certificates including certificates with international recognition of the industry with your legal obligations you have that you can fulfill.

9 Magnitude Earthquake Resistant

The data center building is designed to be able to serve even in an earthquake of magnitude 9 that may occur. You can safely host all your servers and services, making sure that no natural disaster will affect your service continuity.

Other Features that Data Centers Have

  • Seismic Isolation System
  • 24/7 Military Standard Thermal Camera Systems
  • Facility Access Control and Road Block Systems
  • 365 Days 24/7 Trained Security Staff
  • Indoor 24/7 IP TV Camera System
  • Door Systems That Are Resistant to Possible Fire for Up to 2 Hours
  • Inergen Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • 30 MVA Installed Power Capacity
  • Building Management System
  • Energy Management System
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management System
  • Facility Inspection with 6400 Sensors
  • Eccentric Alarm System
  • Disaster Scenario Management under ITIL
  • Early Fire Detection Systems
  • 3+2 Fully Redundant Fiber Infrastructure
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