What is Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity?

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are two separate and closely related concepts. These two different concepts cover each other as a process.

Disaster recovery can be performed in the event of a power outage, cyber attack, hardware failure, etc. in a properly functioning system. It is called a problem-free operation of the system that comes into play in cases where the system is completely repaired and reinstalled. In a disaster recovery scenario, it is created by taking backups of existing data and storing a copy of it in a different location. The aim is to ensure the continuity of the system by opening the most up-to-date data in a different place at the time of a possible disaster.

Business continuity, on the other hand, is the ability of the existing organization to carry out its smooth-running activities with a minimum of interruptions at a predetermined level in the event of any disaster, crisis and disaster.

Services Covered by Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Continuity Analysis of Systems

Your entire system is examined end-to-end with continuity analysis of systems, which is a very important point for your business to continue. And by identifying the points that may lead to possible interruptions, errors are corrected.

Protection of Critical Data

It may take days to change or increase hardware for a physical data center. You can quickly and easily change your resources with the virtualization technology of the virtual data center service.

Creation of Back up Plans

Your existing backups are the savior of your business. In order to avoid data loss in case of possible problems in the future, your backup plans and locations are determined to the smallest detail.

Backup and Replication Installations

Thanks to backup and replication installations, backups of the existing system are hosted at multiple locations. And it is executed at location Y when the server located at location X is damaged.

Creation of Disaster Recovery Center Systems

It prepares the system for the worst by determining the systems that will be needed at the time of a possible disaster and the locations of these systems.

Disaster Recovery Tests

Disaster recovery tests determine possible disaster scenarios for the system and plan how the system will be reactivated and serviced in accordance with these scenarios.


Do You Have Questions about Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service?

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What are the Benefits of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity?

Uninterrupted Service

When disaster recovery planning is carried out, continuity is experienced in institutions that need to provide uninterrupted service. This is only possible with the establishment of alternative data centers. Thus, there are systems that perform data processing functions even at the time of a disaster. As these systems work in parallel with existing systems, data synchronization provided between them. Ideal solutions are produced not only for large companies, but also for small-scale institutions. In this way, every company can have the privilege of providing uninterrupted service.

Prevention of Loss of Prestige

Loss of prestige is prevented in institutions with uninterrupted service. Customers and business partners realize that they are working with a professional and high-quality institution. Such disaster recovery planning, which maximizes satisfaction, benefits companies.

Reduction of Financial Damage

If plans are not made in the name of business continuity in times of disaster, things will be disrupted at such times. As the data cannot be accessed, the waiting process is entered for all the operations that need to be performed. This causes to great financial losses. In addition, there is a loss of many customers and there is a loss of reputation in the eyes of business partners. Thus, possible economic losses are prevented or reduced.

Fast and Successful Recovery of Business Operations

Thanks to the backed-up data, business continuity is ensured and interruptions are prevented. Thanks to this, fast and successful recovery of business operations is ensured even in the most problematic times. Operational damages are minimized and continued efficiency is guaranteed. Such studies have a very important place for the continuity of companies. Disaster recovery planning is prepared by determining your critical and sensitive systems. Thanks to this, there is no confusion and stress at the time of the crisis.

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