What are Database Services?

Databases are primarily a system in which various information. Data are stored and outputs are obtained by combining meaningful or meaningless at the time of need. After the data has increased at a high rate until today, databases have been needed quite a lot. They have played a big role in storing meaningless or significantly related or unrelated data.

Database services have the capacity to manage database systems owned by individuals or companies. 7 days 24 hours on database systems by specialized companies, can intervene in any scenario that may occur in an instant, and the continuity of the system, scalability, security, and backup will provide all of the services that are given.

Codit Technology plays an important role in the technology management of the changing and digitalizing world unlike the known information technology outsourcing. In addition, we develop solutions to meet their needs by providing cost advantages for companies aiming for optimum efficiency.

What are the Advantages of Database Services?

7/24 Support

A support team is available 7 days 24 hours for a possible problem that will occur in the database services. You can reach your systems with continuous access with instant interventions to be performed.

System Resource Saving

System resource usage is minimized by optimizing the database to be performed. You can save the system resources you have by getting optimal efficiency.

Cost Savings

Staff for database management and their training and progress cause a very high cost. You will minimize these costs by having database services.

Back up

You always have the most up-to-date backup with the backup feature that database services have. You ensure the continuity of the system when a possible problem is that by restoring the nearest back up.

Periodic Maintenance

Your databases are constantly undergoing maintenance and repair with the periodic maintenance feature that database services has. Thus, you can avoid possible data corruption and system errors.

Database Updates

You can easily perform it by receiving services on database version updates, minor and major changes, and even a complete replacement of the owned database software.


Do You Have Questions About Database Services?

Do you have any questions or information you want to get about this service offered by Codit Technology? If you wish, please leave your phone number and we will call you to determine your needs and offer you the best price according to your needs.

What is Included in the Database Service?

Database Monitoring

The performance monitoring of your existing SQL Server databases and the historical problem analysis related to the problems experienced are carried out meticulously by our technical teams. Thanks to these analyzes, possible system problems are noticed thanks to warning alarm mechanisms before they occur. In addition, our team also creates third-party monitoring programs for your request (Foglight, Sentry One, Precise, Scom, HP OM). Support is also provided for definitions, customizations and alarm definitions related to the relevant alarm mechanism. Finally, scripts and service reports prepared specifically for your request are provided by our company with a monitoring and alarm mechanism specific to your system.

Database Design and Development

We also provide support in database redesign and development processes in case of need for your existing databases. Studies are carried out by our expert team to implement the best techniques, report on performance and points that do not meet the current database standard, and plan the necessary actions.

Database Transport

We seamlessly move your existing databases to different data center or cloud environments with minimal downtime without data loss. In addition, necessary system health control and performance optimization studies are provided during and after transportation.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

We apply high availability and disaster recovery methods to your system in order to solve possible problems that may occur in your existing databases with minimal downtime and maximum system continuity. Prior to these applications, technical support services are provided to design the appropriate database, complete the necessary installations and configurations, as well as monitor backup scenarios, report and perform disaster tests.

Data Base Update

We are completing the version upgrade processes of your existing databases with minimal downtime without data loss. A seamless version update is provided by updating the database version, planning the process and operations, preparing turnaround scenarios, and then intervening in possible problems with system monitoring.

Other Database Services

Database Health Check Service

  • Hardware (Disk, CPU, RAM) Configuration
  • Virtualization Layers
  • Operation System Settings
  • SQL Server Instance Configuration Settings
  • Database Configuration Settings
  • Isolation Level Settings
  • Configuration of Temporary Files
  • Database Maintenance
  • The Back up Program
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • High Availability Strategy

Performance Optimization

  • Database design and redesign of data structure (re-design).
  • Partitioning of table and databases at the design stage (database and table partitioning),
  • Using Query Optimization Techniques,
  • Removing performance-reducing indexes from tables, performing proper indexing.
  • Examination and rewriting of Joined Queries,
  • Examination and rewriting of recursive queries,
  • Examination and interpretation of Query Execution Plan outputs,
  • Review of the use of Isolation Level,
  • Transaction management and optimization,
  • Tracking and troubleshooting deadlocks,
  • Examination of disk and memory readings,
  • Examination of temporary table usage,
  • Performing a CLR performance study,
  • The use of SQL Performance Monitor, SQL Profiler and Tuning Wizard tools and analysis of the results.
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