We support Turkey's start-up enterprises with a $5,000 service loan.

Strengthen your Initiative with Codit's Start-up Cloud Services!

Codit, which uses 5 different data centers of Turkey in cloud services, has adopted the mission of making Turkey's start-up ecosystem attractive and providing support to domestic startups today. In order to support new members of the ecosystem, Codit provides cloud services worth $5,000 free of charge directly to qualified startups selected by it and the organizations with which it cooperates.

Incubation Centers and Acceleration Programs that We Cooperate With

The Scope of Our Support
  • $5,000 worth of cloud services without refunds and gratuities can only be used for cloud services, mail services, artificial intelligence, CDN, HPC services within 12 months from the date it was allocated to the initiative.
  • Services that are not used in the first 12 months of start-up are not transferred to subsequent periods.
  • Startups that benefit from Codit start-up support receive the right to use Codit's data center services and cloud services at a 30% discount on the list price for 5 years.

Application Requirements

Entrepreneurs who will apply for support for Codit start-up cloud services must meet all of the following criteria:

  • 1) The fact that it is a start-up that has not received services directly from Codit in the past.
  • 2) Limited Liability Company (LTD) or Joint Stock Company (A.Sh) must be a legal entity.
  • 3) No more than 12 months have passed since the company was founded.

Codit is free to finalize applications in any way it wants.

Çerezler Hakkında BilgilendirmeDeneyiminizi geliştirmek ve hizmetlerimizden en iyi şekilde faydalanabilmeniz için yasal mevzuata uygun çerezler kullanılır. codit.com.tr'yi kullanarak bu çerezleri kabul etmiş olursunuz.

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