What is Network Services (NaaS)?

NaaS is a cloud service model that people or companies can use by renting network services from cloud service providers. NaaS provides a network service to companies and individuals virtually without having their own physical network infrastructure. Companies and individuals can establish their own networks without paying high fees for network equipment with the network infrastructure service created entirely by using cloud computing and software. All you need to use the NaaS service is an internet connection.

You can easily use services that require a lot of hardware, such as VPN, MPLS, firewall, load balancing with the network services offered by Codit.

Advantages of Network Services (NaaS)

Cost Savings

The cost of physical network equipment is very high, and many companies do not want to incur this cost. NaaS allows you to save money by reducing your network costs related to infrastructure, hardware, software, maintenance and operation.

Advanced Security

Network services have a very important place for data and system security, which is increasingly important today. NaaS allows you to have high-level security for physical equipment without paying fees installed on security systems.

High Quality of Service

NaaS provides advanced network management and high internet speed. In this way, companies can focus on their main business instead of network infrastructure systems. In addition, the management of NAAS is quite simple and your IT department can easily manage it.


NaaS, which allows you to use your Internet network without problems, provides the best experience to your company's employees, allowing them to focus only on their own business. Thus, it also provides a positive effect on employee productivity.


NaaS is a cloud-based service, it inherits all the advantages of cloud systems, including flexibility and scalability. You will always have high performance by flexing your system at any time.

Easy Management

In addition to cost advantages, NaaS allows IT to be simplified and scaled up. Enterprises can scale their services as needed, and also manage their existing tools and services through automation.


Do You Have Questions About Network Services?

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What Network Services Include?

Network Setup and Configuration

The network system required by your business is determined and configured according to your specific needs by ensuring its installation. All connection, management and application information of your network service is transmitted to you and your authority over the system is defined.

Routing and Switching

Your system encrypts your internal and external data exchange from start to finish, making data transmission on the local network and the Internet much more secure with the routing and switching work that will be performed on your network using the latest technology.

Advanced Firewall

Thanks to the advanced firewall available in network services, all connections of your business are maintained through a secure layer, and system security is ensured by preventing unauthorized access to the system.

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