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IT Support is like having your own remote IT department. You will receive enterprise-quality IT support without having to employ, train, host, equip a team and pay for a team.

Maintenance Service

Develops and provides a maintenance service solution with Rackman for customers who purchase products through Rack. Based on the warranty service, this solution improves the response time and rate of related services such as troubleshooting and spare parts delivery, and helps customers maintain a more efficient and stable network environment. Customers can choose the special care service package they need for their maintenance requirements.

Get enhanced scalability and flexibility in a highly secure environment with Rackman, your hosting provider. Infrastructure hosting services - Host your critical business data, applications and processes in a flexible and secure environment. Our infrastructure services can be delivered entirely through Rackman-owned and operated data centers, third-party public cloud providers, or a hybrid model, and are all supported with 24/7 support.

Data security and network – We are constantly monitoring, optimizing and protecting your data to ensure the smooth operation of your business. Our integrated suite of managed security and network operations services is designed to ensure that you comply with data security and privacy requirements while protecting your systems, applications, and infrastructure.

Backup/restore your data – Customize your backup service to protect your data and meet archiving requirements according to your business needs. With our tape virtualization and automation technologies, you will get cost-effective, fully managed data protection and lifecycle storage solutions.

IT disaster recovery – Protect your physical or virtual IT environment with our complete and comprehensive disaster recovery process. We will create your business continuity plan to more effectively protect your IT data and help you quickly return to normal operations in the event of a disaster. We provide you with practical and fast solutions to minimize risk and keep your business running efficiently.>

Network operations management refers to the activities performed by personnel to monitor, manage, and respond to alerts about the availability and performance of a network. The network operations center is a centralized location where it provides 7 days 24 hours supervision, monitoring and management of databases, firewalls and external services.

Rackman network operations and management services include:

Network monitoring - Devices, interfaces, and applications are monitored around the clock for maximum usability and performance using our time-tested best practices, processes, and tools. We deploy active traffic monitoring and assessments service (QoS) quality to optimize different scenarios of wide area network (WAN) performance - by providing highly available networks.

Enterprise IT support - Our IT analysts work around the clock to quickly manage and resolve any alerts or issues on your behalf within the built-in SLA. Our team becomes an extension of your team by providing the support you need for your business to run smoothly.

Change management - ITIL processes guide the implementation of all desired and necessary changes, including changes to device and firewall configurations. From ACL and NAT rule changes to VPN user management, our processes are designed to make the necessary changes quickly and smoothly.

Architecture - We are constantly evaluating the current and expected future load to ensure that appropriate resources and topologies are used to facilitate business growth.

Network infrastructure maintenance and growth – Our staff continues to configure and create software versions for your entire network infrastructure according to industry best practices. We work with your vendor support teams to review and prepare system upgrades or patches as needed. We also analyze network capacity metrics to ensure that your infrastructure is appropriately sized and scalable for future growth.

Operations reporting and analytics – Our comprehensive reporting and analytics provides transparency for your network operations. Performance, net flow traffic analysis, firewall usage, and audit reporting are provided to you according to your schedule, so you have full visibility into your network infrastructure.

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